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Lightning Lieven having a moment with his mic

Hi! I'm Lieven

But you might know me better as MC Lightning. I'm a born entertainer and know that one day, I will bring the lightning to your event.

Lightning Lieven takinig his first steps as an entertainer in the group Woordvoer
Lightning Lieven as a child dancing at a birthday party

A born entertainer

I was born in the small town of Vilvoorde, Belgium. If you would ask any of my family members, they will all tell you I have never been shy of the spotlight.


In high school, I was part of a rap group "Woordvoer". We would perform at a lot of local events. That's when I realized that I excelled in getting the crowd involved and hyped up.


From that moment on hosting was all I wanted to do.

Lightning Lieven beatboxing at a school show

MY first event

Back in the day, I used to work with the city of Vilvoorde and they asked if I wanted to be the guide during their Engie Street Heroes street soccer tournament. With ZERO hosting experience I took on the challenge. After that event, I got the opportunity to work at a lot of 3on3 basketball tournaments. I noticed that all these events always had hosts that would keep the crowd entertained. 


During one of the events in Antwerp, bad weather conditions made the courts unplayable. That's when I grabbed the mic and started a spontaneous dance battle between all the participants. We had the time of our lives.


That's when they reached out to me to host their next events. This was 5 years ago, and I still love hosting the Belgian 3X3 Masters events.

WHAT's next?

The sky is the limit for me. I am full time focused on becoming a better host and am excited for all of the opportunities that lay ahead of me.

I am dedicated to perfecting my craft and turning any event I am a part of into a masterpiece.

I am ready to turn Lightning Event Hosting into 1 of the best event host service in the country.

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