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Lightning Lieven's


Technical Requirements

Wireless Microphone: A high-quality wireless microphone with a reliable receiver is required for Lightning Lieven's performance.

Dietary Preferences

Fruits: Grapes and mandarins are recommended backstage for the artist to enjoy before and after the performance. For long performances (+4 hours) a meal should be offered by the organisation.



Bottled water, a bottle of Amaretto, and apple juice and Red Bull should be available on stage for the artist's hydration during performances.

Please ensure all technical equipment is tested and in good working condition before the artist's arrival. Lightning Lieven values a smooth and seamless performance experience, and your assistance in fulfilling the rider requirements is greatly appreciated.

This rider outlines the specific requirements and preferences of Lightning Lieven as an entertainer. It aims to create a comfortable and conducive environment for him to deliver captivating performances. Feel free to make any adjustments or additions to tailor the rider to the artist's and the event’s specific needs.

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